Contract manufacturing (OEM) produces a wide range of products including traditional herbal medicines, health supplement and health food products in the dosage forms of softgel capsules, hard shell capsules, tablets, powder, effervescent powder and effervescent tablets. We pledged to uphold the highest quality and standards towards all forms of services provided and producing the premium product grades in all aspects of healthcare businesses.


Regulatory support in the area of registration including new applications, renewal of registrations, updates on any changes of regulatory requirements, variation of any form of application, advise on issues pertaining to the registration and compliant to answer queries requested by the authority.


Product Development in providing a customized formulation, to develop a brand or a product range that fulfill your needs and requirements. Our services cover every stage from providing conducive advice in new product development and consultation to share the details of product information and design.


Utilizes the fully automatic state-of-art packaging machinery that can handle from small scale to a huge quantity of products to supply in bulk or fully finished packaged products. Highly talented graphic designers provide professional branding, logos, full design concepts and packaging solutions to meet your specific needs for new and existing products.